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How We Work

We offer a flexible service, managing every design and construction stage or simply providing design or planning advice.

For Homeowners

Research by the Federation of Master Builders and the Homeowners Alliance found that considerable value can be added to a property through extensions, renovations and general home improvements. Moreover, the benefits of regaining space and renovating it to your taste while optimising layouts, storage and daylight can have a very positive impact in your home and daily life, even if you are not looking to sell your property any time soon.

For Business owners and Developers

In a World increasingly more design orientated, Design is an aspect of your business that is no longer a luxury but an essential commodity. Design can give you a competitive edge by making your space more attractive not only to clients and users, but also to good staff. Well-designed spaces can improve productivity, stimulate personal dynamics, increase profit margins and nurture business growth. Beyond the architectural project, we can also assist you with sourcing all the products you will need to give a final special touch to your spaces.


If you or someone you know have a small or medium project in mind, we would be pleased to hear about it and discuss ideas.


Full architectural services
[RIBA stages 0-7]
As illustrated above, we can provide a hands-on service from start to finish or support you at any stage. We collaborate with you and the design team, developing designs, managing the planning process, legal and building control requirements and overseeing construction.

Planning, permitted development, building control and contractor tender submissions 
[RIBA stages 0-3 or 0-4]
If you would like to directly manage the building stages of your project, we can help you develop the scheme in the initial stages. This can involve developing design concepts and plans, preparing your planning application, liaising with the planning authority and ensuring contractors have enough information to submit competitive tenders. We can also liaise with your local authority’s building control inspectors and ensure efficient handover of your project to the contractor.

One-off architectural consultations
If you have a tight budget for a small project, you might have decided that a contractor will entirely develop the project for you, but recognise that you would benefit from some expert design advice. For a small fee we can help you develop a design vision and clarify all the queries you may have about the process ahead.  This typically involves a two hour on-site meeting to help assess your property and ideas, discuss the potential and challenges of the space and consider any legal conditions that may apply. After the meeting you will be sent an outline design vision that includes our discussions, reference images, and technical notes so that you can refer to this at anytime during the process.

Bespoke furniture and interior design
We really enjoy designing bespoke furniture and offer interior design services to transform the functionality and individuality of your space.